Lavender plant essential oil aroma diffuser humidifier


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1-3 days for 80% orders;
4-8 days for 15% orders;
Over 8 days for 5% orders

Important Information

Material: Plastic
Package Size:

360 x 330 x 50 mm

Net content: 10ml (g/ml)
Ingredients: rose, sandalwood, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bergamot, frankincense, ginger, patchouli, grapefruit, lavender essential oil, wormwood, sweet orange, white tea
Product form: liquid
Skin Type: General
Product specifications: 4 bottle set, 6 bottle set
Shelf life: 3 years
Product category: aromatherapy, humidifier


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